Liverpool – Champions League Football? Nonsense!

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Following a decent  transfer window thus far, it’s evident Liverpool are at long last showing some intent in the transfer market. And they say Liverpool can’t attract top players?

For the last two or three seasons there has been an apparent lack of firm ambition from the club as the transfer list has mainly consisted of chancers here and a bit of potential there in the hope of unearthing the next Lionel Messi or Ronaldo. Finally the penny has dropped. It’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

It’s clear that this year Fenway Sports Group and Liverpool have shown a definite intent to reverse the rot that has set in over the last few transfer windows. Poor signings have been masked by the form of one or two players, namely Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. Without these two the wheels fell off the wagon.

The club has shown that if you convey to a potential signing your ambition. Your cause. Your genuine interest in the player and let them know they’ll be playing an important part in these ambitions then world class players ARE available. The fact is, the Liverpool FC reputation and brand still ranks up there among the elite of world football. The signing of Roberto Firmino demonstrates that.

The claim that x player “only wants to play for a Champions League side…”, is utter tosh. The alternative view is that having shown a player your intent in the game and he comes then this is the player you need. This is far more workable than trying to build a dream team of mercenaries. And wise men once said: You don’t always get what you want…, but you get what you need. Well that was actually the The Rolling Stones but let’s call them wise for the purpose of this article. The point is, sometimes it’s just about football.

The word is that Liverpool are after a few more signings. Hopefully we can expect at least one more of Firmino’s level of expectation, preferably a striker to partner Sturridge. The only concern for me right now is that whilst the quality coming in is undoubted. The clubs ability to shift the dead wood is in doubt so in this sense, they’re not out of the woods yet!

We saw last season that Fabio Borini refused a move to Sunderland in order to collect his wages… Sorry “…fight for his place…”. Only now is he claiming to have had enough. With regards to his departure, seeing is believing for me. And he’s not alone.

Mario Balotelli also will take some shifting and will probably end up going back to Italy on loan whilst Liverpool FC stump up a not insignificant portion of his not insignificant salary. Whilst I feel for the Italian because despite his occasional bouts of Ill-advised mischief, he remains a genuine talent. Problem is, he’s a square peg in a round hole right now. And it doesn’t stop there. As Jimmy Cricket used to say: And there’s more…

Rickie Lambert, who was brought in really as an extra pair of legs was largely disappointing notwithstanding his work rate and love for the club. Perhaps it’s time he was moved on, too. Unfortunately, considering the large outlay paid for Dejan Lovren, it’s hard to see someone coming in and paying the kind of money Liverpool would be looking for. Same goes for Lazar Marković although one suspects given his age, he’ll be around for a while too. Let alone the fee. Let’s not even go there.

Last but definitely not least, we have Raheem Sterling. Raheem bloody Sterling! The lad who should know better but unfortunately doesn’t. “It’s his agent not him…” You cry. But cry not. Let’s not forget who’s working for who in this situation. Manchester City have unsuccessfully bid a reported £40m for him. Personally I’d have bitten their hands off for that but Fenway want more.

On the bright side Iago Aspas has already gone to Celta Viga. For a fee of around £5m if reports are to be believed, so there is a god after all. Praise him… Allelujah!

So in summary, Liverpool are now showing they can swim with the big fish. At last! However, should Sterling go for a decent fee, along with Borini, then I’d say that’s a great summer’s work considering what’s come in. and who knows, this time next year, we might be in the Champions League.

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