Liverpool will meet with Spion Kop members after club angers fans with new flag rules

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One of the greatest things about our club is seeing the flags waving on the Kop before kick-off, but senselessly, the pencil pushers have tried to add barriers to fans who’ve been doing it for years.

Versus West Ham you may have noticed an absence of them, as the Spion Kop 306 group chose to not wave some in protest.

The group went on the claim: “LFC have requested for us to sign a register and wear accreditation to wave our flags. We are disappointed with this and are hoping to meet with the club in the coming weeks to resolve. All we want to do is support the club like always. We hope the club see sense.”

Naturally, there’s been quite an uproar. There’s never been a problem with the flags before, so why does the club need to create one for some of its most loyal supporters?

But thankfully, the club has agreed to meet members of the Spion Kop in an attempt to resolve the issue, the Echo reports.

“We welcome the chance to engage with the club on this issue and hope we reach a common sense agreement,” the Spion Kop replied.

“The match-going supporter already has enough obstacles to overcome without more being added so hopefully common sense will prevail.”

We can only hope that by agreeing to speak with fans, the club has seen sense – and is keen to put a stop to the legislation which is irritating supporters so greatly.

It’ll be interesting to see the flags on the Kop before our next home match, against Norwich, to say the least.

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