Deluded Diouf accuses Gerrard of being racist & believes he’s better than the Liverpool icon

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El-Hadji Diouf has responded to criticism from Steven Gerrard in his upcoming autobiography by claiming that our former skipper is a racist and has “never liked black” people.

The two spent three years together at Anfield and after another chapter of Gerrard’s book was serialised in the Daily Mail, the Liverpool icon had some stinging words to say about Diouf.

“Of the bad ones, I don’t really want to waste time thinking about El Hadji Diouf but it’s worth highlighting his wasted seasons at Liverpool as an example of how it can all go wrong,” Gerrard said in his book.

It didn’t take Diouf long to respond, though what he decided to accuse Gerrard of may well have solidified his status as one of the loathsome individuals the Premier League has ever witnessed.

“It’s common knowledge. Gerrard has never liked black people,” Diouf told French publication Le10 Sport.

“When I was at Liverpool, I showed him I was black, that I wasn’t English, but that I’m no pushover. All the time I was there, he never dared looked me in the eye.”

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As accusations go, few can recall a more outrageous one than what Diouf has said about our former skipper and if there were any doubts about his unstable mental state, he went on to spew more nonsense. According to the Senegalese, Gerrard has always been jealous of his achievements in football.

Eurosport’s Alex Chick has the quotes below and to think that a grown man can comfortably voice such drivel is, quite honestly, a little worrying.

What has Diouf achieved that drove Gerrard to such extreme levels of jealousy? Apart from being named among the seven best players at the World Cup in 2002, of course.

When it’s all said and done, Gerrard’s standing as one of the game’s greats is set in stone.

For Diouf, the fact that he spat at multiple opponents will overshadow any ounce of worth he ever brought to a football pitch.

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