There’s no such thing as a quick fix

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By Jonathan Hartley

So the first three games haven’t gone exactly as we all hoped they would under Jurgen Klopp. This though is only in terms of results, not really in terms of performances.

Towards the end of the Rodgers era, we were drawing most of our games 1-1. In two of our first three games under Klopp, that score line has been present again. However, there has been a stark contrast in the performances. In those draws under Rodgers, we were flat, no imagination, no creativity, no game plan. So far under Klopp, we have had all of those factors in our game, we’ve just quite simply been unlucky.

One thing that has remained is defensive errors costing us. Having said that though, there aren’t as many errors in each game, it just seems that when there is an error, it costs us a goal, whoever the opposition is.

Klopp was always going to need time to get his methods across. What we are seeing at the moment, is the beginnings of those methods being displayed in the team, it would just be nice to have a bit of luck on our side in terms of getting results while Klopp makes this Liverpool team “his” Liverpool team, if not in terms of personnel, then in terms of playing style.

Another problem that is obvious is the injuries that have caused key players to miss all of, or most of the first three games. Ings and Gomez are out for the season, Sturridge is a mystery at the moment, Henderson is still injured and Benteke and Firmino have only been able to make two substitute appearances. Certainly all of those players improve the squad and most improve the first eleven. Origi, with all due respect, certainly is not our first choice striker. The fact he has started all three of the games under Klopp shows how thin the options have been.

What happens this season will depend on how much the players can improve under Klopp, how well the injury list clears up and maybe even who we sign in January. The word “transition” has been thrown around a lot with regards to Liverpool in the last few years, but one thing is for sure, Klopp will not be using this word as an excuse any time soon. He asked us for time. Time is what we need to give him to get Liverpool playing his way and to get his own players in.

There is no point in the fans losing their cool after only three games. Yes they have been draws, but look at it this way, Klopp is still undefeated as Liverpool manager. We play Bournemouth at home on Wednesday night in the Captial One Cup, then a faltering Chelsea side next Saturday. With Benteke and Firmino restored to the side, our performances will only improve. Imagine the first league win being away to Chelsea and putting another nail in their coffin for this season. For this to happen, as Klopp said, we must be believers.