(Audio) Every Liverpool fan should listen to Radio City 96.7’s commentary of the Miracle of Istanbul

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Liverpool fans are still feeling largely positive due to Jurgen Klopp’s appointment, but if you ever start to complain, moan or fret – listen to Radio City 96.7’s commentary of our Champions League final win. It makes you remember that it’s all worth it.

Steve Hothersall and John Aldridge provide the verbals for the brilliantly biased commentary, becoming increasingly enraged during the first-half and then manically excited during the 2nd. By the end, they’re in a stupor, and Alridge can hardly talk!

Sadly, Radio City no longer provide live commentary for Liverpool or Everton matched, which is a travesty, because you’ll never hear anything as good as this on BBC or talkSPORT.

Check it out!

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