Ian Ayre asked about Marco Reus at Web Summit: ‘It seems like a good idea’

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Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre has told supporters to keep on tweeting their opinions on the club, because they take notice of general consensus when making decisions, the Echo reports.

Ayre was speaking about the powers of social media in big business at a Web Summit, and was immediately asked about whether the club took any notice of the ‘Sign Reus!’ tweets Liverpool’s social media team are bombarded with on a daily basis.

“It seems like a good idea,” he said, before admitting that the club can’t pay total attention to everything directed their way by supporters.

“(But) If we did everything that was said on social media, we wouldn’t get any work done.

“It’s about using it as a barometer, it’s a good tool to get a sense of what the feeling is out there.

“You’ve got very different and diverse people out there, the people who come to the games are slightly different to the millions of people who watch on TV.”

Ayre also hinted that the ‘Rodgers Out’ brigade could’ve helped convince FSG to fire Brendan Rodgers and subsequently appoint Jurgen Klopp in his place.

“When there’s a consistent and common message, either good or bad, then that’s a good indicator,” he continued.

“Just like any business, people do research, we have people who just look at what the messages are. That’s what you do.

“As any business you want to listen to your customers. That doesn’t mean you go out and sign player, because it doesn’t happen like that.

“But if they are talking about what we did at a particular game or the manager then of course we look at that to get a sense of what’s happening.”

Since Klopp joined, the ‘Sign Reus’ tweets have grown in their ferocity, with our new manager enjoying a wonderful relationship with the world-class winger.

Back in September 2014, our owner John W. Henry even joked about the transfer, as a result of the millions of messages directed his way to secure the Dortmund superstar.

In reality, it’s pretty obvious that if we could, just like any club would, we’d sign Reus at the drop of a hat! Sadly, it’s not that easy – and as Jurgen Klopp’s reminded us, it’s important we focus on the current squad and the on pitch performances before anything else (via the Telegraph).

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