Liverpool Deserve More Credit For Win At Chelsea

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Liverpool Deserve More Credit For Win At Chelsea

Everything seems to be all about Chelsea’s troubles and Jose Mourinho’s future at Stamford Bridge at the moment and Saturday’s defeat to Liverpool has only fuelled the media’s fire.

But although Chelsea have fallen from grace in such a short space of time after winning last season’s Premier League, Liverpool deserve more credit for a terrific performance that saw them come away from Stamford Bridge with a 3-1 victory.

After losing a goal so early in the match Liverpool came into the game impressively and dominated the game for long periods before scoring the three goals that sealed the win.

Klopp’s influence is growing game by game and the pressing game and energy shown by his players was there for all to see and Chelsea struggled to make any in-roads despite taking an early lead.

I’m sure Klopp won’t be bothered in the slightest about the lack of recognition for his team’s impressive performance but the media do like to publicise the negative aspects of football in this country instead of the positives and Mourinho is their prime target at the moment.

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