Klopp & Lovren pre-Bordeaux press-conference: Confidence, Melwood, striker options, Skrtel illness, Sturridge health

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp faced the media today ahead of tomorrow’s Europa League fixture with Bordeaux at Anfield, alongside his rejuvenated centre-back Dejan Lovren.

Liverpool will move to within inches of qualification from Group B with a victory, made easier by the fact the travelling French are riddled with injuries – something we’ve known all too much about this campaign.

Dejan Lovren:

Dejan Lovren joined the Liverpool boss and was quick to claim how his increased confidence has helped him put in some better performances since the German’s arrival.


“It’s always great to play but we have so many quality players in the team. It’s a great opportunity to play,” the Croat began, reported in the Echo.

“I’m back now, I’m feeling satisfied and confident, especially after the last game.”

“We know what he achieved at Borussia Dortmund. The most important thing, as he said, was that he need to believe in ourselves and we have started to believe in ourselves.

“It’s belief and it’s work. We needed to work harder than before,.When put these points together, recipe at the end is a win.

“I would say that after the game against Chelsea, we felt we had the confidence and everything. We had a game against Crystal Palace – our black cat – but we never doubt, even after Palace. We had a good 10 days of preparation and have been working hard really well, and we just showed our quality and that we can play the big teams to be in the top four at the end of the season.”

Jurgen Klopp:

Jurgen Klopp then took the stand and was asked about our home form, before going on to discuss Bordeaux, Liverpool training and his striking options!

Anfield form:

“What we have to develop in the first case is our performance. And that’s what we’ve been working on…

“There is not a big difference between home and away games, we’re usually on the way to playing better at home. Most goals we have conceded are set plays. It’s not easy to create chances against us.

“The intensity of this number of tournaments, it’s sometimes the price you have to pay – Palace was because of that. We have to learn how to handle this.

“We know what to do tomorrow.”

Striking options & Skrtel illness:

“First of all, we have to bring 11 players on the pitch. They can work together, function together. Of course, it’s about creating moments. But the best news is that Daniel is becoming closer and closer, he can train seven or eight times in a row. That will help him and us.

“Benteke in good shape, when he came here he was injured, now many sessions with the team.

“We are in a good position.

“When you have footballers, you solve one problem and you have another one. Skrtel is a little ill.”


“I don’t want players to speak about our training and what we do specially, because it’s our training.

“Of course, it’s always the same.

“I don’t know what’s different, I saw them playing some good games, we came with another idea of football and now we try to train on this. It’s up to the players if they want to do this or not.

“I want the players to understand why it is better to do more – but it isn’t always more, it’s just about the right thing at the right time.

“That’s what you saw at Man City. It worked. There were brilliant moments – but it was far away from perfect.

“There are many things we can do better.”


“He’s closer. Each session is very important. My decision you will see tomorrow. The most important thing in these weeks is that he can train without problems.

“We have to try to bring him into a situation. A good moment, for a few minutes or more, we’ll see it in the game.”

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