German journalist perfectly explains why criticism of Klopp’s Anfield gesture is ‘absurd’

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German football journalist Raphael Honigstein has rallied against the football fans who’ve been mocking Jurgen Klopp for saluting the Kop after the 2-2 draw with West Brom.

Following Divock Origi’s late equaliser, Klopp and the team thanked the supporters in a unified gesture, but ridiculously, some have ridiculed it as cringeworthy – but they’re totally missing the point – as ESPN’s Honigstein explains.

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“I think it’s been grossly misunderstood what act happened,” he began.

“This was not a moment to celebrate the achievement in drawing with West Brom, this was just thanking the fans for doing what he’d asked them to do, which was to stay until the end, help the team even when they were losing and helping them get a goal.

“Taking the team over there in front of the Kop was nothing more than showing that they appreciated it. They clapped and raised their arms because the fans were good. This was nothing to do with celebration. I find it absurd.”

Honigstein has hit the nail on the head. Tony Evans called Klopp out in his ESPN piece which was poor, and Craig Burley went on a ridiculous post-match rant as well.

But why shouldn’t Klopp thank fans for our vocal support and the fact we stayed until the end? It was appreciated, and it will be rewarded with a louder, more vibrant Anfield – which hopefully will then drive the team on to improved home performances and results.

There should be no negativity about it whatsoever, and the real question should be why it’s not standard for players to thank the supporters that pay money to watch them.

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