Klopp says he would repeat Kop salute

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Klopp has dismissed the criticism after his Kop salute last weekend, saying he would do it again in heartbeat.

He was criticised by some (non-Liverpool) fans for the gesture, as we only managed a 2-2 draw in a game most supporters had hoped (and expected) to win.

According to the Echo, however, the German has no regrets.

“If you want to misinterpret what I did after the game you can if you want but in that situation I would do it again”, he said.

“It is not important for everyone to understand what we are doing. It is for us. It is for Liverpool fans. It is for the relationship of the team with the fans”.

“It was only a thank you. Nothing else. I don’t know enough other possibilities of ways to say thank you”.

The practice is something he made big use of while he was manager of Borussia Dortmund, and while he insists he’s not trying to bring “German traditions” to the North West, he does want to be able to thank the fans for their support.

“How could we say thank you to the fans? Should we send letters?” he queried. “You can only react in this moment, directly after the game”.

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Liverpool fans were overwhelmingly positive about the gesture on social media, and we’ve certainly got no problem with it.

The atmosphere at Anfield has been undeniably subdued for the last 18 months since we just missed out on the league title under Brendan Rodgers. Anything that can help to rekindle the passion is a good thing.

Klopp also has a good record of getting the fans onside. The atmosphere at Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion is one of the best in Europe, and our boss played a huge roll in making that happen. If he can get Anfield to just 50 percent of the atmosphere there, he will be doing well.

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