Tony Barrett perfectly sums up Liverpool’s situation in one sentence

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Liverpool and Merseyside based journalist for the Times Tony Barrett has pretty much nailed it with this tweet after our miserable 2-0 defeat to West Ham today.

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Jurgen Klopp’s men fell to a 2-0 loss with only perhaps Emre Can, the goalkeeper and Dejan Lovren impressing. Everyone else was nothing short of abysmal.

When the manager came in he preached that he’d train the current bunch up and wouldn’t be focussing on the transfer market until everybody had a fair crack of the whip.

But as Barrett explains, they’re making the same mistakes which are costing us matches time, time and time again. Liverpool were physically overrun by a mid-table side with powerful runners and more hunger. West Ham sat deep and let us have the ball, and we couldn’t break them down. It should be considered more of a surprise now when this doesn’t happen.

They played the ’emotional football’. They showed the intensity.

Klopp will of course be recognising that some of the current bunch don’t possess the attributes to suit his style. Christian Benteke and Roberto Firmino, £61m worth of summer talent, were again shoddy – with the former especially feeling the wrath of Twitter for his lifeless performance.

It’s January, and Klopp will be able to sign his targets if he wants to. Today’s performance will likely convince him that we need some better players in most areas of the pitch.

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