Fan Opinion : Injuries? Let us blame the Tea Lady

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Every season we have been plagued with injuries however this season has to be one of the worst in recent memories. Of course social media has jumped on the band-wagon with accusations on who is to blame ranging from the players to the manager.

The bookies too have had their say in all of this, Paddy Power made headlines last week with a billboard trolling the Liverpool injuries.

Injuries are nothing new, we have had injuries under every single manager however for the first time a manager’s playing and training style is coming under scrutiny. I personally disagree with this notion, even if Klopp himself took responsibility for it. Jurgen Klopp was appointed as Liverpool manager in the middle of the season, we were already suffering with some injuries. There might be some merit to the style of play causing an increase in injuries but it is not his fault. He didn’t have the luxury to have a pre-season, he had to change the style of play from the passing-the-ball to death to his ‘gegenpressing’ style.

Others tend to blame the players for the injuries and this without a doubt is way unfair, no one likes to be injured, no matter how much money they make. The only time you see professional athletes cry in despair is when they fear a serious injury. They cry not because they are in pain but mostly from the disappointment of not being able to play. I can relate to this from my personal experience with running. I am fighting a personal battle to get fit for a marathon and each time I keep suffering injury set-backs. When I tend to get injured it is always after I get off my regular diet and abuse my body with junk food. This leads me to the original question, has diet have something to do with it? I have seen some of the social media posts by some of the players and sometimes they don’t eat the healthiest stuff especially after the Christmas Season, we all tend to over-do it.

The players are human like us however I believe that they need proper direction in terms of what they should be eating. I have personally seen what affect nutrition has on the body and that it really doesn’t help when the club is being sponsored by providers of junk food such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.