Liverpool are the most over-worked top team in Europe this winter

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According to researched published today by the Liverpool Echo, we are officially the most over-worked side in any of Europe’s top four leagues (England, Spain, Italy, and Germany).

The data suggests we have had just 2.9 days of rest between games in December and January, which is fewer than any side who are currently in either the Champions League or Europa League.

Worryingly for our top four bid, it is significantly less than anyone else in England, with Manchester City (3.3 days), Tottenham (3.6 days), and Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United (all 4.1 days) rounding out the top six.

The Premier League-wide average is 3.6 days, the same as Spain’s La Liga. Italian sides played on average every 4.9 days and German sides played a somewhat leisurely once every 8.3 days.

Given the huge discrepancy between our 2.9 days and the German average of 8.3 days, it is no surprise that Klopp has expressed surprise at the sheer number of games we’ve had to play over the last six weeks.

In a recent interview he said “the number of games is the biggest difference from Germany” (via ITV), while he told the BBC in late December that “[The Premier League] has too many games, for sure. You have no break, too many tournaments. I think everybody knows that’s not the way [to be successful].”

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He has already played in 20 games since his first match on 17th October, and will have played in an eye-watering 25 by the end of this month. That’s almost a whole season’s worth of games in the 18-team Bundesliga.

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