How Liverpool FC trains?

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As we say goodbye to the month of January we can only look back in amazement at the number of games the first team has played. A total of nine games have been played in the month of January and as we look into February we can already see seven fixtures. Should Liverpool win the FA Cup fourth round replay then we will be playing a total of eight games in February. We also need to remember that the players played extra time and penalties in one of the January games too.

While most of European leagues were in their winter slumber Liverpool would have played fifteen games with an average of two games a week. This doesn’t really leave much time for proper training, Jurgen Klopp himself has made a couple of comments about the fact. When you are playing two games a week, you really don’t have time for training with the full squad. Klopp has had to rotate the players which makes training even more difficult. Players who play a full ninety minutes game have to spend the following day in recovery. So from seven days now you are down to three and then by the time you add the travel time you are left with absolutely no proper training time.

We have seen the power that proper training can have this season, the game against Manchester City is a shining example. While most players had to join their national squads during the International break, the two Brazilians (Coutinho and Firmino) stayed at Melwood and trained together during the ten day break. This lead to one of the best performances of the season against Manchester City.

However the most important aspect of training is to avoid injuries and this could be one of the reasons we have suffered with so many injuries this season. This is when gym training is more important than ever. While on the field the players can practice the various techniques, in the gym that can work on conditioning their bodies. At Melwood the players have a state of the art gym with the latest equipment. Luckily there are many gyms across the country that offer the same equipment as the one enjoyed by the players at Melwood. easyGym opened its Liverpool Flagship location on the first of February and are offering a special opening price of £9.99 for the first three months.

Football is a challenging sport that requires a lot of strength, endurance, agility and flexibility. The gym is the place where a  football player can build up the upper body strength in order to be able to  take those shoulder-to-shoulder challenges. The bench-press workout routine is the best possible workout for players to help them build muscle.  To increase speed and agility nothing works better than the treadmill which allows the players to do the sprints needed even if the weather outside is awful.