Liverpool fans planning 77th minute walkout in protest over ticket prices

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Liverpool supporters group Spion Kop 1906 are in the midst of organising a 77th minute walkout ahead of our home game against Sunderland at the weekend.

According to the Echo, large parts of the Kop are expected to leave the ground early after it was revealed this week that some tickets in the redeveloped Main Stand will cost £77.

For comparison, when the old Kop took its “last stand” in 1994, tickets were £8 each.

Our other main supporters group, the Spirit of Shankly, have given their complete backing to the move. Both groups were involved in discussions with the club during the last few months, and were furious at the announcement.

The Spion Kop 1906 vented their anger in a series of tweets:

The Spirit of Shankly, meanwhile, published this on their website (worth reading):

  • The club were asked to send us a copy of their planned release. They did. With ten minutes notice of it going live. Despite an agreement we would share releases. They sent this to others before ourselves.
  • Yes, 64% of Season Ticket Holders will see prices decrease or frozen. The rest go up. At greater increments than the decreases
  • 45% of match day tickets see a decrease. The other 55%. Same as above
  • Yes there is a £9 ticket. For just three matches a season. 527 of them a game. 1,581 seats out of a possible 878,693 seats a season.
  • These local supporter tickets were introduced right at the end of the process, after we asked for reductions to prices overall. This was their only ‘offer’ with no consultation
  • There are additional tickets for young supporters, a move we pushed for throughout and welcome. We have fears on the long term sustainability but this move should be applauded.
  • ‘13 months of consultation’ is not a true reflection of what took place. We spent 13 months, but we haven’t been consulted, just presented with final plans and proposals.
  • The Ticket Working Group is not a sub-group of the Official Supporters Committee. The Ticket Working Group is made up of reps from SOS, Spion Kop 1906 and the Supporters Committee and came about following protests and a request to meet, even acknowledged by John Henry. It has been independent of the Supporters Committee throughout. The club can’t even bring itself to acknowledge the other supporter groups involved.
  • The club have announced the highest match day price to be £77. True, in their published prices. However the Tier 1 proposals shown to us, have prices for these. £175 for Category A matches, £100 for Category B and £85 for Category C. There are 834 of these tickets. The revenue for these seats was included in the £39 million target set by the owners.
  • The club now say that these tickets are ‘low level hospitality’. For those prices, they should be. But they have been included in discussions on ‘general admission’ prices in all proposals presented. This only changed in very recently, when they changed the name.
  • The club haven’t revealed yet what this ‘new’ low level hospitality will include. But in the same tier of prices where a season ticket costs £1,029, these prices are a 124% mark up on average per match.
  • If people accept that these seats are now ‘hospitality’, the much talked about redevelopment and seat increase changes. We were told half the new seats would be general admission (approximately 4,000) and the other half hospitality seats. This changes that to nearer 3,000 and 5,000 respectively.

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