(Video) Irish Liverpool fan’s walkout rant goes viral – “£77 to watch James Milner… Are you mad”

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Our friends at The Redmen TV got a great interview following the game on Saturday, with a fan who pretty much sums up the absurdity of charging of £77 for a ticket to Anfield.

That’s not far off a pound for every minute of football played. Imagine!

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An Irish fan who’d travelled over to watch us spoke to Chris after the game, and got increasingly frantic during his expletive filled rant.

“It’s a working class city. You can’t be charging £77 a ticket. You can’t. You just can’t,” he implored.

“£77? With Jordan Henderson as your captain… £77 to watch James Milner. Are you crazy? Are you mad?!”

Some fans wouldn’t mind paying £77 to watch Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard every week, but nobody in their right minds is shelling that out to see the current crop limp their way through a season.

Thankfully, the protest worked. The club’s owners are meeting to review the ticketing structure ahead of next season after 10,000 fans left the ground on 77 minutes, Jurgen Klopp confirmed yesterday (via the Guardian).