Spirit of Shankly supporters group reacts to ticket price announcement

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Two of our most important supporters groups – Spirit of Shankly (SoS) and Spion Kop 1906 – have both reacted positively to Wednesday’s ticket price announcement.

In released statements, they praised the club for listening to fans and apologising, but added that much of the embarrassment could have been avoided if the club had listened in the first place.

“It is unprecedented that they have apologised, remarkable. It is the right approach from the club that they apologised for the mistake”, said SoS group leader Jay McKenna.

“Supporters have reminded themselves that they are important to this game and reminded the authorities just how important they are. Clearly the club has seen the level of opposition to what was planned.”

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“Today’s announcement has to be seen a positive step in repairing the relationship between owners and supporters.

“If they had recognised what was being said by supporters about the impact of the original price rises (perhaps by actually meeting with their own Ticketing Working Group) then much of the embarrassment and upset of the last four days would have been avoided. It is a sobering lesson in listening to your supporters properly.

“We welcome these changes from the owners and that they have recognised the mistake made and apologised for it. We take no delight in them being wrong. It helps no one.

“What is important though is that a lesson is learned and that proper engagement and taking note of supporters’ concerns occurs and those views are taken more seriously.”

They say they will now go away and review the new plans before making further comment.

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