Liverpool Twitter ruthlessly abused for cringeworthy attempt at ‘Damn Daniel’ joke

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We had to do a check on what on earth the issue was here, but it turns out @LFC committed a social media faux pax today…

Here’s some background information:

A viral video, entitled “Damn Daniel’ circled the internet last week, and has been retweeted over 250,000 times already. It basically features a high school kid in America following his friend and filming his trainers – saying “Damn Daniel” in a funny voice every time the video cuts. The joke (we think) is that Daniel is obviously not a fashion idol, but his friend bigs him up like he is. Surprisingly watchable, for some reason!

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Plenty of Twitter accounts then produced parody versions, and today our official account tried to do the same – dubbing “Damn Daniel” over an archive clip of a Daniel Agger thunderbolt.

Unless the club’s deleted it already – here’s their tweet, and the original it’s based on just below:

The club’s parody:

The original:

The reaction from Liverpool supporters was crazy, angry and embarrassed. It seems, for whatever reason, that fans following our Twitter account found @LFC’s attempt at humour very cringeworthy.

(We’ve only included a handful… There’s literally thousands.)

So what do you think, Reds…? Should the Liverpool social media accounts show personality, and make jokes on current affairs – or should they maintain a higher ground and stick to cold, hard-fashioned news reporting…?

For us – and clearly most of the online following – some institutions have a duty to do the latter, and will get respect for doing so. Liverpool FC is one of them.


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