Liverpool fans highlight twisted UEFA logic in failing to ban Fellaini, when Markovic got 4 matches

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According to UEFA, touching an opponent on the face with an outstretched finger warrants a four game ban, but a full, purposeful elbow to the jaw isn’t worth retrospective punishment.

Today news broke that Marouane Fellaini won’t be banned for his deliberate elbow on Emre Can, despite it leaving our young German midfielder on the floor at the end of last Thursday’s excellent Europa League win over Manchester United.

If this means Fellaini will start the reverse leg perhaps we shouldn’t be too upset, but the hypocrisy remains and has been highlighted by Liverpool fans on social media – who are comparing it to Lazar Markovic’s indiscretion last season.

Our young Serb received a red against FC Basel and a FOUR GAME ban because we lodged a failed appeal, but if you watch the Markovic indiscretion and then Fellaini’s there’s simply no comparison as to which is the more dangerous.

Markovic red:

Fellaini elbow:

What can the justification possibly be to allow Fellaini off, when Markovic received such a harsh punishment?

Madness – but why should that surprise anyone? This is the same organisation who are choosing not to punish United for their Hillsborough chants on Thursday, while fining Manchester City earlier in the season for booing the Champions League theme music.


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