Klopp confident that Liverpool will benefit from “breathing” Old Trafford

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Jurgen Klopp is confident that our decision to treat the away game at Old Trafford like any other European tie will reap rewards on Thursday night.

Earlier this week news broke that we’d travel to Manchester a day early, on Wednesday, and stay in a hotel.

In contrast, United stayed in Manchester on the Wednesday before the Anfield tie, only making the trip down the East Lancs Road on Thursday morning.

“We wanted to take the full package so we came here today,” said Klopp.

“Everyone thinks what’s the problem? Is it because you are 2-0 up? Is it because United are going to strike back? But we would have come here even if we had lost 3-0 at Anfield.

“I didn’t think for one second about it. When I heard we would play against Manchester United I decided we would come one day early. In a Europa League game it’s always like this.

“Why train here? I always enjoyed it when I played with my former club in European tournaments. To breathe the stadium and where you will be playing the next night.

“I like to imagine what can happen. I really enjoy this. There was no doubt we would take this opportunity do train here.

“It’s not about feeling comfortable and sleeping at home. We had a few seconds in the hotel before we came here and everything is okay. The room is okay. The bed is okay.

“We can sleep here and we have the opportunity to train on Thursday morning then we will play.

“The trip was a little different because we usually fly rather than go by coach but the rest is exactly like a normal European game.”

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He went on to warn his players about complacency:

“We know that we know how to play them. It doesn’t mean it will be easy for us. We have to work really hard and be really concentrated, brave and aggressive in a legal way,” he said.

“I am not worried. The ball is round, right? Anything can happen and that’s how it is but I am not scared or afraid.

“We made the best thing we could do in the first game. We made our position a little bit better.

“It is not perfect, it is not 5-0 or 6-0, it is not a holiday tomorrow.

“If you want something with all your head it doesn’t mean you will have it. “We know this because a lot of times we didn’t get what we want but tomorrow is a chance to work for it.

“Maybe Man United will take maximum risk from the first second but Louis van Gaal is a very experienced manager. He will have a plan.

“A good start in the game is important for us. We will try to play similar or even more intensive to how we played at Anfield.”

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