Stadium Update: Red facade being added to new stand

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Work on our brand new Main Stand is continuing to progress at an electric pace.

It seems like just yesterday that we were breaking first ground, but the project is now rapidly moving towards completion.

The latest significant development is the adding of the red outer facade that will adorn the side of the stand (via Echo).

In the artist’s impression of the finished building, the whole exterior of the stand will be covered in a classy-looking brick, glass, and red panel arrangement.


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It is expected the work will be finished sometime during the 2016/17 campaign, though there is still no official date.

The £260 project will add almost 10,000 to Anfield’s capacity, and features a new inner concourse, a reimaged players’ tunnel, and even some of the original 1906-era seats.

It is hoped that it will give rise to around 1,000 new jobs for the local community.

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