Actual chant UEFA charge Liverpool with revealed, while United ‘Murderers’ song ignored

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This really sums up UEFA, this.

It was explained following the Europa League quarterfinal between Liverpool and Manchester United that only we were initially being charged with offensive chants, and now the Express has revealed which specific chant this refers to…

It turns out that the ‘illicit chant’ that got Liverpool into trouble was: “Oh Manchester is full of shit”.

This was despite audible Hillsborough chants at Anfield from the away section – so much so the commentators even picked up on it.

Are UEFA serious..?

That kind of song is pretty much harmless, and can be heard from every away end at nearly every ground you’ll ever go to.

“The S*n was right – you’re Murderers,” however, is the kind of song that does damage and incites hatred and violence. The kind of violence was sadly saw at the end of the Old Trafford tie.

However, both clubs have submitted further evidence of illicit chants and UEFA are investigating the claims and could issue fines for the Hillsborough chants and rumoured Munich ones as well.

Both have absolutely no place in football, but to think the bigwigs at UEFA initially pulled us up for using the word ‘shit’ makes you seriously question their agenda.

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