Revealing Henderson quotes suggest he’s been injured the entire season

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Jordan Henderson has been playing through the pain barrier all season and will only be able to fully recover after Euro 2016, EuroSport reports.

According to our skipper, he’s not fully recovered from the problem he picked up at the very beginning of the season against Bournemouth. The heel injury kept Henderson out for three months until November, but four months later, he’s still experiencing difficulties – but primarily because of his desperation to be out on the pitch.

“Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy if I’m playing with an injury or different things,” he began.

“It’s my own fault at times but that’s just the way I am. I want to play football, I want to try to put myself out for the team.

“I feel as though now I’m starting to get back to the physicality – that’s a big part of my game – and when that’s correct then everything else seems to flow much better.

“When I was away with England I think I put in one of my highest performances of the season in terms of the physical side of the game which was pleasing for me.

“I got confidence from that and I just need to continue to work instead of trying to play catch up all the time.

“It’s not an issue. After games it still gets a bit sore but it’s much better than how it was.

“That’s pleasing for me. I am out there, I’m playing and I can manage it.

“When it completely goes will be whenever I have a rest but I’m not sure if I’ll have one of them any time soon.

“Maybe if I go to the Euros I’ll have some time off after that and then after the rest hopefully it will have completely settled.

“Until then I just have to manage it. I felt good against Spurs and I feel better physically all the time and I’m getting back to where I want to be.”

The 25-year-old has been better individually in his past two matches, and it’s a shame for us he excelled against Germany in an England friendly instead of for Liverpool!

Henderson played well at home to Spurs too, although it’s not just his injury which is currently holding him back… The midfielder plays better in a central three, when he’s given licence to maximise his energy and dynamism and bomb up and down the pitch throughout the 90.

At the moment though, Jurgen Klopp is using him next to Emre Can, and Henderson’s having to restrict his foraging runs to maintain the team’s shape.

Ideally for Henderson, he’d have a top notch anchorman alongside him and permission to press relentlessly and make forward runs, which characterised his best season in a Liverpool shirt in 2013/14.

Such is his character, he’ll do whatever he’s asked to do for the team without kicking up a fuss. Hopefully Henderson can maintain his recent improvement until the end of the season and start next term afresh.

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