Grovelling Kelvin Mackenzie pathetically slams ‘disgraceful police’, says he ‘got caught up’ in their lies, ‘feels terrible’

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Kelvin Mackenzie’s latest comments are simply astonishing.

The former editor of the S*n, who disgustingly ran a front-page which claimed Liverpool fans urinated on corpses and pick-pocketed the dead, has today reacted to the Hillsborough inquest verdict.

As we’ve known for 27 years, the fans were completely innocent, and the 96 that died were ruled ‘unlawfully killed’, a jury at Warrington Court decided.

These quotes and this squirming interview left us a little bit flabbergasted, so be ready for some hypocrisy of a level only Mackenzie is probably capable of.

“I absolutely agree with it [the verdict],” he began.

“It’s been an absolute disgrace what the police have done in South Yorkshire this past 27 years. I feel desperate for the families, the people and in some strange way I got caught up in it. I feel terrible for that.

“Everybody got sent this agency story, I printed it in that way. The way it’s affected those families is a disgrace.

“Theres no surprise at all (those fans have been exonerated). I followed the case every day. I went on to an online site in Liverpool and the evidence was overwhelming. I’m so pleased at this verdict.

“The facts that have come charging out are incredible. Duckenfield is a disgrace.

“I’m not holding him responsible [for the front page], but you can go to the news agency who provided the story and they will tell you.”

Wow. Just wow.

This grovelling, snide interview, most of which is spent running away, is meant to be… an apology? Or is it just meant to lay the blame at the feet of others? Yes, the South Yorkshire police behaved disgustingly, but no more so than you, Kelvin Mackenzie.

How dare he make unifying comments as if he was part of the families’ struggle, and not in fact part of what everyone’s been fighting so hard against for 27 years.

An abysmal, vile person – who no court – even in 27 years – will ever, ever clear of wrongdoing.

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