(Video) Aston Villa fans brilliantly lost the plot when they won a corner at the weekend…

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Ok, this isn’t a Liverpool story – but we decided to cover it because it shows why English football fans are just the best in the world.

You go to Spain or Italy and watch matches in silence, with players whistled, jeered and booed for various reasons. Barcelona supporters offer a light round of applause when they score goals, Real Madrid’s crowd holds up white handkerchiefs to get managers sacked following individual defeats…

But against Watford, Aston Villa fans celebrated a corner like they’d won the Champions League, in one of the funniest, most ironic moments of the season!

Villa have been incredibly bad during 2015/16, and are arguably the weakest, limpest team to have played out a Premier League season.

They lost 3-2 to Watford, our opponents next week, but won the hearts of many with this celebration after the referee awarded a set-piece.


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