Carragher brilliantly sums up Leicester’s astonishing title – considered less likely than the Loch Ness Monster being found

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Leicester City clinched a first title in their 132 year history last night, as Eden Hazard’s late goal confirmed a draw between Chelsea and Tottenham – meaning no team can catch Claudio Ranieri’s Foxes.

At the beginning of the season Leicester were 5,000/1 outsiders for glory – odds so long that discovering the Loch Ness Monster was considered more likely (via BBC Sport).

Now, they’re champions of England with a starting XI which cost under £25m, all set for a campaign in the Champions League next season.

Liverpool’s legendary centre-back Jamie Carragher covered the game last night, and spoke brilliantly about the achievement.

“Leicester have given inspiration to everyone,” Carragher said on Monday Night Football.

“Football had become a closed shop and no one thought that this would happen and it has happened now. You just think what can that do for the rest of football now? Could you see more of this happening?

“Arsene Wenger made a great point and said not one of these players was born on the red carpet. They all have a story to tell on how they got here.

“None of them were at huge clubs and went for big transfer fees. Jamie Vardy came from non-league. How cheap was Riyad Mahrez? There’s N’Golo Kante in midfield.

“This is the inspiration for players. Not just professionals but young lads of 14,15 who get a professional contract and then get released from the game.

“They are legends for life.”

As Carragher says, it’s a victory for football. Many nowadays have gone off the game, claiming it’s dominated by money, prima donnas, outrageous ticket prices and TV contracts.

Leicester have restored their faith. Anyone can win. Passion, desire and hunger beats money.

Now, it’s for Liverpool to follow their example next season and show that the money from Manchester and West London can be beaten by us!

Congratulations Leicester. You deserve it.


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