Lovren: “Let’s beat Villarreal and save our season”

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Dejan Lovren has enjoyed the finest six months in a Liverpool shirt so far, but he knows it will all amount to little if we narrowly miss out on silverware for the second time since Christmas.

“It will be a dream come true, for me, for the fans and everyone else,” he said (via Echo).

“We can save this season with the final.

“I hope that we will not start as we did against Dortmund, we didn’t expect a start like that. It was a historical game for us, for me, for the fans, we showed our character and showed that we will never stop to believe until the last minute.”

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Lovren, of course, was the hero in the last round, but he hopes similar heroics won’t be needed on Thursday night.

“We definitely don’t want to repeat this game,” he said. “We want to repeat it smoothly, but it is something I remember for all my life.

“[It could take] even more than 90 minutes, like I said we need to be clever enough, we don’t have just 20 minutes to play, everything is possible.

“The fans they are expecting a massive game but we will be a little smarter than last time, it will be a great season for us if we can go to the final and win it.”


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