Klopp snaps at journalist after stupid question about the final

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Jurgen Klopp was in fine form in his press conference today.

It was understandable that just as many questions were focused on the Villarreal win as the upcoming game against Watford – but one journalist faced the German’s ire.

He was asked whether all our Europa League heroics would all be for nothing if we did not now go on and lift the trophy in Switzerland in under two weeks’ time.

He responded as follows:

“I thought someone would wait a little bit longer before asking me about losing a final. Why should I get to a final and then think about what happens if I lose it? I don’t care. I am going there for one reason. Don’t ask me that again.


Klopp has lost four of the finals he’s played in – two German cups, a Champions League, and the League Cup against City. His only win was a German Cup in 2013.

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“It’s not the same if you win or lose. I’ve had both situations in my life and it is not the same feeling,” he said.

“The City final is a good example. Against a brilliant team. We came back and never gave up and lost a penalty shoot-out. At the end of my life I do not want to look back and think, ‘ah we lost a final’. To reach a final is good. To win it you need right decisions at the right moments, a little bit of luck at the right moment and the right referee at the right moment. That is how it is.”

“To be honest, the last few finals I had, please watch them and tell me if all these defeats were deserved. We always played really good, but you can lose. That’s how it is. If you play your best there is higher possibility you will win.” (via Echo)

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