Eamonn Holmes issues weird, stumbling Twitter apology for Hillsborough remarks

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Eamonn Holmes, TV presenter and Manchester United fan, has apologised for offending anybody with his remarks which compared the attack on his side’s bus last night with Hillsborough.

“This is going back to the 70s and to the 80s, the type of thing you were seeing that was bad about Hillsborough, for instance,” he said, and you can listen to the audio here:

His apology ends respectfully, but at the beginning, he attempts to distance himself from the comments he clearly and openly made.

Clearly there is a connection – he mentioned Hillsborough in a sentence in which he was criticising drunken West Ham fans – but acts like there’s no reason for the media to have forged a connection at all.

We do understand that Holmes probably didn’t mean to cause offence, as he suggested, but the fact he said what he said after the result of the inquest is pretty hard for us to stomach – and we don’t think an awful lot of his apology – where he points the finger elsewhere.

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