Coutinho bizarrely claims he’s fed up of hitting the post

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You probably did a double-take when you read that headline. We certainly did when we heard his comments.

Actually, “hitting the post” is a Brazilian phrase for a near miss – not physically smashing the ball off the woodwork.

And our Brazilian magician says he’s had enough near misses in his time at Anfield.

Obviously he just missed out on the league title in 2014 and lost the League Cup final against Man City earlier this season – but amazingly he has never been part of a matchday squad that has lifted a trophy in Europe (with exception of the Italian Community Shield).

“The expression we use in Brazil is ‘We hit the post’,” he explained. “(And we did that) on quite a few occasions recently so it will be really important for us to finally achieve something and win something with Liverpool.

“That will be special for everyone across the club and the whole of the squad.

“Personally for me, winning the trophy is the most important fact. The positive consequence of winning the trophy is getting a Champions League spot but the squad are focused on the trophy. As I said before we hit the post on a few occasions so it is really important we win the Europa League.”

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He also believes our appearance in the final is all down to Jurgen Klopp:

“Klopp is experienced in European competitions. he is a great manager and has made a few changes since he came in, the biggest one being to change the mentality and make the players believe they can actually achieve something.

“Things tend to take time to bear fruit. It has been just six months and it is the second final we are playing in so it is a great opportunity. The changes he has implemented has had a big part in that.”


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