You’re just jealous…! 50% more Everton fans hate Liverpool than vice versa

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Ask a Liverpool fan which team he or she hates most, and you’ll only ever hear one answer – Manchester United. Teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton trail way behind.

It’s an assertion that’s backed up by facts; according to research by the Mirror, our three most hated sides are Manchester United (93%), Chelsea (87%), and Everton (65%).

They asked almost 10,000 fans from across the UK in order to arrive at their findings.

However — who hates us the most? Surely Manchester United, right?

Wrong. It’s Everton.

Their results claim 94 percent of bitter bluenoses listed us as the team they disliked the most, ahead of Manchester United (93%), and Hull (79%). (Hull, seriously? Why?!).

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We found this to be strange — Liverpool vs Everton is widely known as the friendly derby, with fans historically not grouped around wealth or religion like in lots of cities.

And then we realised… 18/5 ;)

We’ll leave you with this quote by French playwright Françoise Sagan:

To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.


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