Balotelli lived under self-imposed exile at the end of his Liverpool career

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Mario Balotelli lived in a hotel room and barely interacted with the rest of the squad during his final weeks at Liverpool.

At least, that’s according to an article published in the Daily Mail this evening.

Apparently, we did not make a conscious decision to ostracize him, nor was ignored or ridiculed when he came into contact with the rest of the lads or Klopp.

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Quite simply — he showed no desire to integrate with the team or belong to the group.

It’s a story that really paints an image of why Klopp was so keen to sell him. At least the likes of Markovic and Luis Alberto showed a commitment to Liverpool and a willingness to be part of Klopp’s plans – even if they ultimately fell short

In this case, however, it looks like yet another Balotelli sob story to use as an excuse for a once-bright career that’s been woefully wasted.


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