Loris Karius being brutally trained using techniques from the most physical game on the planet

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Loris Karius has been steadily improving since he arrived this summer – it’s clear that the young keeper is slowly finding his feet and getting more and more confident behind the back four.

But it’s also clear that one place where he is still lacking is his ability to cope with the physical nature of the league.

It’s nothing to worry about — almost every single foreigner who comes to England is taken by surprise, but it’s still something that needs to be worked and improved upon.

So that’s why we have taken to some unorthodox training techniques.

According to the Mail, we have been using techniques from a RUGBY training ground to try and get the young lad prepared.

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Our goalkeeping coach, John Achterberg, has been using rugby pads to bash Karius as he claims crosses under pressure. The idea is to teach him to battle through a crowded penalty area and make sure he claims the ball.

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