Gerrard reveals the best player he has played with and describes his own strengths as a midfielder

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Steven Gerrard has always been one of the most profoundly modest footballers in recent time, so it is great to finally hear him describe what he feels were his main strengths as a player.

During an interview with Gary Lineker, Gerrard not only turned a focus towards his own qualities but he also, having been asked, very confidently revealed who has been the best player he has lined up alongside.

He told BT Sport: “I’m not one for being big-headed or that type of person, but for me, my game, I think I could do a little bit of everything.”

“I wouldn’t say I was the best goalscoring midfielder out there but what I could do is a little bit of everything. So I could head it, I could tackle, I could run, I could pass over different distances, I could nick a goal. So I think that was my strength, the body and the endurance to do a little bit of everything.”

When asked for the name of the best he has played with, he said: “Luis Suarez, by a mile. Phenomenal.”

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We couldn’t have put it better. He could do absolutely everything on the pitch, which is why he will deservedly go down as one of the greatest midfielders in history.

The number of times we have celebrated him scoring a crucial match winning goal or making a decisive last ditch tackle, is remarkable. As far as box to box midfielders go, he has undoubtedly been one of the best of all time, if not the best.

Gerrard’s name on the team sheet always brought a sense of calm and made us, and most likely his teammates, feel like we were in with a great chance of winning. The ability for him to excel under that kind of pressure is testament to not only his strength as a leader but also his influence on the ball. He could do everything.

It is also hard to argue with Suarez being the best he has played with, either. He was outstanding during his time playing with Gerrard.

We will always miss the sight of the skipper stepping out in a Liverpool shirt every weekend, but we will never forget it.

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