“When we [Durmisi & Agger] were in Brondby, we talked about how it was to be in Liverpool. But it’s not something we’ve talked about this time.

“Agger thinks that Liverpool is the world’s biggest club, and that’s why he was there for over eight years. If Liverpool’s interest is concrete, I shall talk to Agger first.”

We forget how much we love Agger… Even when he was playing at his boyhood club Brondby again, he was still speaking up Liverpool to anyone that would listen!

But really, a player like Durmisi shouldn’t need Agger to convince him we’re a big enough club for him to join, considering he’s only been in La Liga for six months, and for a relegation candidate to boot.

We might buy a new left-back in the summer, but with James Milner and Alberto Moreno, the position is covered until then. Perhaps Durmisi will eventually arrive, but it’s not something we need to worry about yet.