Cisse reveals classic Istanbul story about what Steven Gerrard did at half-time

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It’s time like this that looking back on that memorable 2005 Champions League Final is so important when it comes to trying to stay positive.

Liverpool sure know how to play on our emotions, especially this season.

If Steven Gerrard’s legendary status had miraculously slipped the mind, a story dating back to half-time in Istanbul on that famous night is sure to come as a reminder of what a hero he was, and still is.

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has opened up on what happened in the changing room during the interval after the Reds had fallen 3-0 behind to AC Milan during the opening 45 minutes.

“At half time, Rafa did a speech. He tried to boost and tried to put us back in the game. He was really optimistic. But what really changed the game was Stevie’s speech,” he told the Mirror.

“He asked nicely to the staff to be alone with the players and he said that he is a Liverpool kid, always been his club, he didn’t want to see his club being like this, being humiliated and he said if we scored in the first 15 minutes we would win the game and he’s the guy who scored the first goal.”

“He gave the best captain’s speech I ever heard in my career. He asked everyone to leave, including Rafa, he just asked to be with the players. That’s what gave us the power to go and win the game. You need to have some balls to do this.”

“It was the most incredible night of my career. I wish and really I hope a lot of players will experience what we lived through that night. But I know it’s one of a kind, only us. It was really, really special.”

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It’s said time and time again but it’s remarkable just how much of an inspiration Gerrard was to those around him and just how often he led the team to victory.

For the youngsters at Liverpool to now have him as their Academy coach is just incredible and an opportunity that they will never forget, regardless of what they go on to do in the future.

A future manager, perhaps? We think so.

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