LFC’s 2017/18 kit could look mighty different (some think it’ll be blue & white…)

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Liverpool will have a new, commemorative crest on our kit next season, to mark our 125th anniversary.

The crest will be released in April and will no doubt get fans talking worldwide.

The club’s official website said:

“The club will mark its official 125th birthday on June 3, 2017 – the day the club was officially recognised by the Board of Trade in 1892. This year, 125th birthday celebrations will be kicked off with the release of a special anniversary LFC crest, which will be revealed on next season’s kit in April.”

Rumours are obviously rife about whether the crest will be a newly adapted one or a recycled version of an ancient one – like the first ever seen on our strips back in the 19th Century…

For our first two seasons, we played in blue and white – much like Blackburn Rovers do now – and some fans are even speculating that we’ll switch kit colour for a season as well!

We highly, highly, highly doubt whether that’ll be the case. Arsenal played in maroon during 2005/06, but there’s surely no way we’ll incorporate those colours into our strip.. Imagine watching the Merseyside Derby and supporting the side in blue! Doesn’t bear thinking about…

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