“My advice to today’s analysts – stick with talking about the football. Have an empathy with a player or players that are short on confidence and struggling to find their game. Respect our wonderful product. Remember what it was like when you played. We all still need each other. Cherish our wonderful sport. Yes, if required criticise, but make it constructive. We’re turning people off with a constant string of vitriol. Love football and it will love you back – keeping some of us working and all of us fascinated.”

Carragher is rated as one of the best pundits on British televisions because he isn’t afraid to say it how he sees it. Arsenal are in turmoil and our former centre-back thinks it’s a character issue, not a footballing one.

As a result, he’s entitled to call it in that manner, without high-horse Keyes going at him about it…

If there’s anyone who probably shouldn’t take the moral high-ground, it’s Keyes.

‘Would you smash it…?’