‘Klopp hasn’t improved Liverpool’ – Pundit’s crazy point deserves shooting down

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Already this season, some of the football punditry has baffled us.

Yes, Liverpool deserve criticism for our defence, but for Kevin Kilbane to genuinely suggest we’re the same outfit as the one that toiled under Brendan Rodgers for a year is baffling.

Klopp: Koulibaly & Sanchez not good enough for Liverpool

“Jurgen Klopp has great character. He has been fantastic for the Premier League. Liverpool fans admire him,” Kilbane told Irish radio station Newstalk, cited in the Sport Review.

“But when will it get to the stage when we start to seriously question him and start to look at what he has done at Liverpool?

“Has he dramatically improved them? No. He hasn’t really.

“Yes going forward he has signed one or two great attacking players.

“Yet defensively, the thing Liverpool have been crying out for over the past five years, he hasn’t changed them.

“There is nothing different about Liverpool.”

There is so, so much different about Liverpool. For a start, we have a number of brilliant attackers who can pay in a variety of different positions.

Under Rodgers, we solely relied on Daniel Sturridge being fit. Under Klopp, even when the striker is healthy, he can’t get in the side.

We also have a recognised, effective style of play; aggressive pressing off the ball and rapid counter-attacks on it. Rodgers’ football, bar the Luis Suarez inspired 2013/14 year, was predominantly pedantic, possession based football.

Under Klopp we’ve also reached two finals and finished fourth last season. Bar the Manchester City game, which could have been entirely different without the red, this has been a largely good start to the season as well.

Let’s get behind the team and our superb manager.

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