‘Bang… Bang’ – Carra’s brilliant punditry shows why Mignolet actually is at fault

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When I watched Leicester 2-3 Liverpool on Saturday, I was in full support of Simon Mignolet’s performance.

He saved a penalty that shouldn’t have been given, as he got to the ball before Jamie Vardy ran in to him – and conceded one where he was being blatantly fouled by Shinji Okazaki.

My logic was that as he was the victim of a shirt tug, the goal let in was not his fault and the referee was to blame.

But Jamie Carragher claimed on Monday Night Football last night that while this may be the case, Mignolet is still at fault for allowing 5 ft. 6′ Okazaki to foul him in the first place.

Carra suggests that it’s the goalkeeper’s job to be nasty enough that the pint-sized forward would have no intention of standing next to him whatsoever…

We guess that’s the sign of a good pundit: to be able to influence your football opinion with no-nonsense analysis.

Right now, Carra is the best on TV.

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