(Video) Carragher asks permission to say ‘Sh*t’, then says ‘Sh*t’

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Denmark obviously has a much more liberal attitude to swearing than we do in England – something we at EOTK appreciate enormously.

On Danish TV in France last night, Jamie Carragher was being interviewed by a Dane about the thumping PSG just handed out to Bayern Munich, but was taken aback when the host said ‘shit’ on live television!

‘Are you allowed to say that?’ Carra enquired… 

‘On Danish TV, you can say whatever you want to!’ the presenter replied. 

‘Can I say shit? SHIT!’ responded Carra!

It brought a smile to our faces, anyway!

Carragher is easily our favourite pundit working in English tele right now. Passionate, knowledgeable and opinionated.

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