‘They need common sense’- Klopp hits back at ridiculous Xmas Eve fixture

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Jurgen Klopp has responded superbly to ludicrous plans for Sky Sports to move Liverpool’s Premier League clash with Arsenal to Christmas Eve.

His side are originally scheduled to face the Gunners at the Emirates on December 23, but potential new arrangements could see the fixture moved to 24 hours later for a 3pm kick-off.

This, thereby, threatens to give Reds a gruelling journey to and from London on one of the busiest travel days of the year, not to mention on a day which most people tend to spend with family.

“I don’t criticise the executives,” Klopp told the Liverpool Echo.

“So far in this league the managers are not involved in these meetings. It makes sense because usually managers come in and go out so you are making the decision for the next four years or however long the TV deal is.”

“These decisions don’t need the managers in, they don’t need the executives in, what they need is common sense. That’s the only thing they need.”

“I knew before I came here there would be a few intense fixtures but to protect the game to be at the highest quality, you need to use common sense. The television broadcasters can do that by themselves.”

“You can still think about it if you want a real game. The 24th is another one, that is new. That is not about intensity or whatever. That is just a game on a day when nobody asked for football.”

“It’s always like this at the end. If somebody says something about this or about the 30th of December and the 1st, nobody here feels like it is strange but it is, it is!”

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“The 24th is another thing to talk about and I cannot say ‘it’s not possible’. If everybody thinks ‘I want to go to a football game on the 24th of December’ who am I to say ‘It’s my Christmas, actually’.”

“We celebrate Christmas on the 24th at night time. I can tell my wife, with kids that are not that young anymore, I’m not at home.”

“We have other European players not from England who are celebrating on the 24th at night. It’s a family thing, is it too important? I don’t know.”

Moving the game would also force Liverpool into the far from ideal scenario of having to play four games in nine days.

This would, of course, also mean two games in three days due to the traditional Boxing Day fixture which, this year, will see the Reds host Swansea City.

As Klopp mentioned, common sense is all that is needed.

The prospect of fans starting a journey back up to Liverpool after 5pm on December 24 is ridiculous.

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