Premier League pro ruins LFC: ‘They don’t want it, have no desire’

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Liverpool came in for serious criticism from Asmir Begovic and Matthew Upson on the Premier League channel’s Debate show last night.

The Bournemouth goalkeeper especially had some choice words for our backline, who he suggested lack the desire to keep out goals.

“The wanting, the desire to defend is lacking” he begins.

“They don’t look organised. They don’t look like they want to defend.

“Their first thought isn’t defending. As a unit, they look totally unorganised.”

Matthew Upson went on to slaughter goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, claiming our tactics also contribute to the problems, concluding: “They’re all over the place every time they play.”

You can watch the ten minute video, courtesy of Sky Sports, below.

When this many people, pundits, journalists, fans, ex-players and players say the same thing every weekend, Jurgen Klopp should realise that perhaps they have a point.

He’s always batted off questions about his defence, but this has gone on too long.

It’s not good enough. Something needs to change in terms of personnel and style, or we’re going to continue conceding stupid goals every thirty minutes of a football match.

A clean-sheet against Huddersfield and a victory at the weekend is a necessity. A defeat and there’ll be questions about Klopp’s suitability long-term, which we really don’t want to think about right now.

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