Klopp confusingly reveals thoughts on dropping Lovren/Mignolet

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It’s pretty unclear as to whether Jurgen Klopp will drop Simon Mignolet and Dejan Lovren from his starting XI against Huddersfield at the weekend.

Both were abysmal v Spurs and played huge parts in our 4-1 drubbing, leading to reports earlier this week that they’d be pulled out of the firing line.

Klopp though was coy when asked by a reporter today.

“Do you take them out the firing line? Or do you stick with what you’ve got?” asked BBC Sport’s reporter, who was given a lengthy and confusing answer…

“We will see… That’s our job and that’s the world out there. If you find somebody who made the mistake then you work on them…” Klopp began.

“But when we [meaning he and his assistants] make the mistake, we don’t want anyone to realise!” he added sarcastically… 

“Of course I would never let them down. I would never let them down. Never would that happen. I just hope they were smart enough not to read it [the media & fan reaction]… 

“I’m 50, so I’m clear in my mind, so I don’t read it. For the boys it would be good if they do the same. But it’s not the biggest problem in the world. Yes we made mistakes, but it’s about reacting. It’s about reacting. If they don’t react well, we’ll change the situation.”

Sometimes it’s easier to listen to Klopp than read him, but we can’t share the video yet for legal reasons – so watch it on the BBC Sport link we’ve provided here! 

The final sentences perhaps give us the best explanation of whether Mignolet and Lovren will remain though…

‘If they don’t react well, we’ll change the situation,’ suggests they’ll be given one final chance.

Although both deserve to be dropped, it might not be the worst idea, as we’re expected to beat Huddersfield and a clean-sheet could restore shattered confidence to two players we’ll need in the busy November/December period.

Klopp’s a loyal manager, but this will be tested at the weekend like never before.

Knowing our boss, he probably hasn’t decided yet.

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