‘I’m gonna murder ur family…’ Lovren shows what kind of disgusting abuse he gets on a daily basis

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Every player should be open to criticism when playing for Liverpool, but some of the personal abuse Dejan Lovren receives is especially disgusting.

Today, our central defender shared an example of the kind of message he has to put up with. It’s a death threat to he and his entire family.

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The reality is that the vast majority of such messages come from sad teenage boys hiding behind a laptop screen, but that doesn’t mean they have less of an impact upon the recipient.

It’s ok to vent frustration on social media or to analyse performance, but to send such vitriolic abuse is actually an illegal offence.

Anyone who wants to send messages to Liverpool’s players, or our owners for that matter, should take a deep breath and decide what doing so actually achieves.

Or go and support another club.

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