Klopp’s biggest anger with Ref was not Solanke’s goal; but something else…

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Jurgen Klopp almost accepted that the disallowed handball goal was fair, last night.

Against West Brom, we thought for all the world that youngster Dominic Solanke’s late effort had earned us three points, but the officials ruled it out for use of his arm.

It definitely hit Solanke’s arm, but it was 100% accidental and is not the type you ever seen given.

“Difficult,” he began. “For me it was twice deflected and I’m still not sure if the hand hits the ball.

“For me it looks like chest. In the game it looks 100% like chest, afterwards when I saw a few replays, yeah there’s an arm but I’m not sure whether he touched it with his arm….” 

The Liverpool manager’s main gripe though was that only three minutes of time was added on:

“The injury time was a harsh decision as well to be honest… It’s really funny. We both made three changes, six times, so that’s three minutes already. That’s my understanding, especially in this country. But then they just stopped the game – like they’re happy it’s over…”

He’s perfectly right to feel aggrieved here. Ben Foster alone wasted five minutes throughout the match and late on, WBA sub Sam Field wouldn’t give us back the ball – yet no extra time was played.

You can watch the post-match interview below:

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