The club responded with a statement on, reading: “We thank Roberto for the manner in which he has conducted himself during this difficult process, acknowledging that being subjected to such a serious allegation for this length of time has been hurtful to him and his family.”

“Both the club and player were in full agreement from the beginning that if an investigation was required it should be a thorough and robust one.”

“Roberto has co-operated fully with the process and shown a willingness to engage and assist throughout, with the only objective being to discover the truth of what happened.”

“We are satisfied that the outcome of the process has exonerated the player of using any racist or discriminatory language.”

Needless it be said the matter should undoubtedly be quashed at this stage, with full details of the truth behind the investigation remaining the knowledge of only Firmino, Holgate and those involved.

Firmino himself also responded to the outcome, expressing his support for the battle against racism in football and reiterating his innocence.

Time to get back to business on the pitch.