City should be stripped of Premier League Title following this barbaric celebration video

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If Liverpool were involved in something like this after winning the title, I probably wouldn’t care too much, because we haven’t won it since 1990 – but I’d still get that weird feeling in my tummy like you do on a roller-coaster….

It’s appallingly toe-curling!

Manchester City pay Liverpool £1m for title victory

Manchester City are in partnership with Etisalat, a telecommunications provider from the UAE, who have produced this incredibly cringeworthy celebration video/advert.

Take a deep breath and have a watch:

There are so many parts of this which are unforgivable, we’re not quite sure where to start.

We’d suggest the old men in the pub drinking pints of water, eating curly chips and shouting ‘hooray’ is arguably the worst section, but then again, there’s literally no aspect which is acceptable.

In reality, this is what City’s celebrations looked like:

Everyone on the internet finds it equally appalling, thankfully:


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