‘WTF…’ Fans cannot believe La Liga news: ‘Football dead as we know it’

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Moments ago, it was announced that La Liga has struck a 15-year-partnership that will see regular season games take part in USA and Canada.

In a seemingly insane move, actual competitive matches will take place outside of Spain for the first time.

Diego Costa dribbled Sergio Ramos down the wing last night & LFC fans love it

If the Premier League follows suit, we’ll be fuming. Disgusted, in fact. It’s bad enough paying extortionate ticket prices, having to have subscriptions to Sky Sports and BT, being shafted every time we travel abroad and everything else in between, but this would be too much.

Fans are used and abused as commodities; as tools to greater profits – but when will clubs and organisations realise that without us you have nothing?

If Liverpool have to play regular league games in USA, I’m done.