EOTK podcast 🎧 Firmino’s style, Gomez’s role & more…

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If you haven’t already signed up to Anfield Index, you’re missing a trick.

It’s probably the best and most varied Liverpool content out there, and is perfect for when you’re heading to work or going for a run. As a result, we’ve hooked up with the guys and will be appearing on a Thursday pod every week.

Van Dijk & Gomez try to do Boxer’s staredown and fail miserably

Last night was the EOTK/AI:Pro debut, on the ProQuo show!

Earlier in the day, we’d gathered questions from the Twitter following on Roberto Firmino, Joe Gomez, expectations this season and our biggest current weakness – and Steve Gennarro, the show’s host, discusses them in fantastic detail.

You can sign up for FREE and listen, by following this link.

If you don’t like what you get, just cancel the trial and it’ll cost you zilch.

As an example of what the guys are offering, they had Kenny Dalglish on last week!

Well worth your time, anyway. Enjoy.